As marketers, we're always concerned about ROI. Hear about how some of our members have gotten the most out of their membership.

  • Lyn Wineman , Wineman Communications Group
    "Lincoln AMA's monthly programming provides an excellent resource for staying on the forefront of new opportunities in the ever changing field of marketing. The addition of the special interest groups for health care, media and non-profit marketing allows members to take a deeper dive into the specific topics that we are most interested in. I strongly encourage marketing professionals that I work with to become involved in AMA to benefit them in their profession as well as personal growth and networking."

  • Steve Bors , Great Western Bank
    "My experience as a chapter president, Professional Chapters Council member and Chapter Excellence Awards Judge helps me recognize chapter excellence when I see it. That's why I'm so proud to continue to be a member of the Lincoln Chapter of AMA. The Lincoln Chapter continues to impress me with their quality programming, events and strong leadership. The Lincoln Chapter has also improved the way it communicates with its members and I am always well informed about upcoming events and meetings."

  • Rich Claussen , Bailey Lauerman
    "We learn with every interaction at monthly meetings. We engage at least once a year (and it should be much more) with the next generation - students who will become our peers. And finally we advocate the professional and ethical practice of marketing. The AMA helps us do all three of these things. This is why I belong. This is why I helped lead the chapter. And that is why we encourage our associates to not just join but to take their part in a greater marketing community. They’ll grow and so too will our firm and profession.”

  • Katie Tauer , BVH Architects
    "Keeping myself surrounded by people who are better than me was been my key as Chapter President to AMA success. I value the personal and professional friendships that I have made, being aware that I would never have made these connections on my own. We have continued the legacy of connecting the Lincoln community through our AMA chapter. We have provided national programming and unlimited benefits to our members. The Lincoln AMA really is THE resource for marketing."

  • Randy Hawthorne , Firespring
    "Our company allows employees to get involved in the AMA because the management sees tremendous value and a return on their investment in the membership dues. The programming offers opportunities to stay abreast of the latest trends in marketing. Volunteering for the chapter gives our employees increased networking and leadership skills. Firespring understands the importance of building a stronger professional marketing community and the AMA is the leading provider of marketing resources in Lincoln."

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